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Philip Jodidio 2022

Homes for Our Time. Contemporary Houses around the World. Vol. 2

Homes for Our Time. Contemporary Houses around the World. Vol. 2

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Autor: Philip Jodidio
Nakladatelství: Taschen
Jazyk: anglicky, francouzsky, německy
Rok vydání: 2022

This second volume of Homes for Our Time documents a revolution. With photos, plans, and descriptions, it explores new approaches in building and presents resourceful and green private homes. Rejecting “stardom” but celebrating diversity, talents such as Suzuko Yamada, Gurjit Matharoo, and the collective Frankie Pappas truly build our future.

Modern architectural history has been viewed primarily from a Western perspective and formed by men. More than 60 buildings from Vietnam, South Africa, India, China, and beyond—designed by men, women, and collectives—mark the end of this era. There is no longer a predominant style, and there probably never will be again. With photos by renowned architectural photographers, and precise descriptions as well as drawings from architectural offices, Philip Jodidio charts the diverse, sustainable architecture of the future. The private homes featured range from modest to extravagant. A beautiful house is always also a dream—and this book invites you to do just that.

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