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Journal Prompt Cards

Journal Prompt Cards

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Nakladatelství: The School Of Life
Jazyk: anglicky
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 52 cards to prompt journalling; helping us to better understand ourselves and our priorities

Journalling is one of the most effective ways to regain direction and calm: but what we should ideally be journalling about isn’t always clear. This set of prompt cards directs us to some of the most fruitful topics for reflection and self-exploration. Use them as you journal to find inspiration and encouragement.

Examples of prompts:
Write a letter you want to – but never will – send.
Who I want to be this time next year.
The people I most love in the world – and why they matter so much.
The things I really, really care about.
List the ways in which you’re a little bit unusual (we all are). At the end, reflect on how that might not matter so much.

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