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Emma Baxter-Wright 2022

Little Guides to Style II: A Historical Review of Four Fashion Icons

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Autor: Emma Baxter-Wright
Nakladatelství: Welbeck
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2022

The second installment in the Little Guides to Style series, featuring four stunning pocket-sized fashion books in one box set.

Includes Little Book of Christian Louboutin, Little Book of Louis Vuitton, Little Book of Schiaparelli and Little Book of Yves Saint Laurent – telling the stories of four iconic fashion houses and the creative geniuses behind them.

With images of the four houses' most timeless and celebrated designs, plus captivating text on the personalities and lives of the creative geniuses behind the brands, The Little Guides to Style II is the quintessential collection that will delight any fashion lover.