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Maxwell Colonna - Dashwood 2017

The Coffee Dictionary: An A-Z of coffee, from growing & roasting to brewing & tasting

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Autor: Maxwell Colonna - Dashwood
Nakladatelství: Octopus
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2017

An A-Z compendium of everything you need to know about coffee, from a champion barista.

Coffee is more popular than ever before - and more complex. The Coffee Dictionary is the coffee drinker's guide to the dizzying array of terms and techniques, equipment and varieties that go into creating the perfect cup.

With hundreds of entries on everything from sourcing, growing and harvesting, to roasting, grinding and brewing, three-time UK champion barista and coffee expert Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood explains the key factors that impact the taste of your drink.

Illustrated throughout and covering anything from country of origin, variety of bean and growing and harvesting techniques to roasting methods, brewing equipment, tasting notes - as well as the many different coffee-based drinks - The Coffee Dictionary is the final word on coffee.