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Lisa Boswell 2021

The Modern Oracle: Fortune Telling and Divination for the Real World

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Autor: Lisa Boswell
Nakladatelství: Laurence King
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2021

Discover your fortune, change your destiny. The first thoroughly modern guide to fortune telling and divination. Taps into the tarot, astrology, palmistry, energy and psychic healing trends, offering spiritual self-help for the real world.

Use your star sign to reach your fitness goals, kickstart your career with crystal energy, sort out of your love life with tarot or embark on some deep self-reflection with palmistry.With expert guidance from a Romany-Gypsy psychic and diviner, The Modern Oracle will teach you the key methods of fortune telling and divination, helping you answer life's big questions and solve everyday dramas.Find out what your future holds.