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Liz Rubin 2022

Wine Pairing Party: 16 wine profiles, 80 perfect food pairings

Wine Pairing Party: 16 wine profiles, 80 perfect food pairings

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Autor: Liz Rubin
Nakladatelství: Chronicle Books
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2022

Unfold the pages of this inventive wine pairing guide to reveal endless inspiration.

Discover 16 wine profiles, organized from light to dark, which unfold to reveal perfect pairing suggestions for that varietal, diving deep into "why" they go so perfectly with each wine. Learn how Champagne and fatty foods are best friends, why a balanced Zinfandel can temper spicy foods, and more:

• Za'atar-spiced pita chips with floral rosé
• Grilled peaches and ricotta with fruity Sauvignon Blanc
• A hearty charcuterie board with robust Bordeaux

You'll also find sixteen quick and easy recipes for each section as well as guides for picking out the right glassware, meat, and cheese; tips for party planning; and lots of invaluable wine advice sprinkled throughout.

FOR WINE LOVERS: Perfect to gift to any wine enthusiast, new or expert, a 21st birthday, or a housewarming party, or as a stocking stuffer.

EASY TO USE: Each of the sixteen wine section's pages unfold to reveal a collection of fun and interesting pairing suggestions.

PARTY INSPIRATION: For both small gatherings and big parties, this book is packed with planning information, including 80 pairing recommendations plus chapters on glassware and decor, cheese, meat, and all the rest.

Perfect for:

• People of legal drinking age
• Wine enthusiasts, from newbies to pros
• Those looking for stocking stuffers for moms or 21-year-olds
• Housewarming and wedding gift seekers.
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