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David Böhm 2019

And like Antarctica

And like Antarctica

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Author: David Böhm
Publisher: Labyrinth
Language: Czech
Release year: 2019

The least known continent, the last to be discovered by humans. An empty continent that belongs to everyone and where we can live with less things than we have at home. The scene of stories confirming the eternal human desire for knowledge and overcoming one's own possibilities. Today, Antarctica poses disturbing questions, whether the world around us is changing more, or our view of it. A unique illustrated book for young and old readers shows what happens when we look at everything from a different angle.

There are not many places in the world where man has not been before. As if there was nothing left to discover. And that is the most challenging task: to discover the world anew and in a way that we have not seen it before. To learn to use its richness and diversity so that we do not leave behind an ecological disaster, so that it remains a fascinating place even in a thousand years and nourishes those who will be here after us.

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