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Blexbolex 2009

People album

People album

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Author: Blexbolex
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2009

A unique picture album of human types, professions, personalities and roles. The author arranged the characters, whether real or fantastic, into pairs that complement each other, contradict each other, are a funny contrast, a light irony... And he continues through the pairs, connecting the whole book with a thin thread of associative connections. Young children learn to name different human types and professions, preschoolers practice the alphabet and simple reading, and older children can have fun with hidden meanings. The playful and clever album was put together by a French artist living in Germany hiding under the name Blexbolex. Thanks to its exceptional graphic concept, the book was declared the Most Beautiful Book in the World at the Book Fair in Leipzig 2009. Witch – Fireman. Dancers - Warriors. Passenger - female refugee. Reporter - Avenger. Princess werewolf. Speaker - Serpent Slayer... and many others

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