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Magdalena Jeleńska, Acapulco Studio 2020

ARCHISTORY – A narrative about architecture

ARCHISTORY – A narrative about architecture

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Author: Magdalena Jeleńska, Acapulco Studio
Publisher: Labyrinth
Language: Czech
Release year: 2020

Do you know which famous architectural monuments were built of brick and which of stone? What are the advantages of reinforced concrete and why is glass used so often in construction today? Have you ever heard terms like central building or basilica? ARCHISTORY will clearly explain the basic architectural forms, types of buildings and familiarize you with building materials using dozens of examples from ancient history and the present. Originally an illustrated book, its Polish author wrote for her four children, and the original edition won the title of Most Beautiful Book of the Year.

Illustration by Acapulco Studio. Translated from the Polish original by Martin Veselka.

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