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Hanna Kopylova. Bohdana Pavlychko 2018

Awesome Kharkiv

Awesome Kharkiv

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Author: Hanna Kopylova. Bohdana Pavlychko
Publisher: Curriculum Publishing
Language: English
Release year: 2018

Ukraine is full of surprises — and no less when it comes to the IT industry.

This book tells the story of Ukrainian geniuses of computer science and technology, and about their heritage that has facilitated the creation of one of the world's major digital centers. This book is about local businesses that comprise the world's best IT outsource companies, the universities that teach thousands of engineers, the international cooperation of Ukrainian scientists, and the future prospects of an industry that was once top of the game, and again, is seeking its proper place on the world stage.

Published by Osnovy, a small publisher based in Kyiv.

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