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Jean de Brunhoff 2018

Babar's journey

Babar's journey

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Author: Jean de Brunhoff
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2018

Babar and Celestýna set off on their honeymoon in a hot air balloon, and before they return home, harrowing adventures await. First they get shipwrecked on an island of cannibals, then while escaping on the back of a whale they get stuck on a cliff in the middle of the open sea, an ocean liner takes them to the port and the famous tamer Fernando forces them to perform in his circus... Meanwhile, the rhinoceroses have declared war on the elephants. Will Babar save his Elephant Land at the last minute? And won't he forget his friend, the old lady who helped them escape from the circus? The second book with the most famous French hero, born in the wealthy thirties.

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