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Jean de Brunhoff 2019

Babar's family

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Autor: Jean de Brunhoff
Nakladatelství: Baobab
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2019

Who does not know one of the most famous children's heroes: the kind, wise and very modern elephant Babar, whose stories have influenced generations of children around the world and inspired many famous artists? This, the sixth book of the stories of the elephant king Babar (it was preceded, in addition to the first two volumes, by Babar's alphabet, the story about the construction of the elephant city King Babar and the book about Babar's friend the monkey: Zephyr's vacation) is the real highlight of Brunhoff's work. Brunhoff tells the parenting adventures of King Babar and his wife Celestyne with playful lightness and a sense of humor, the stories of the elephant triplets are funny, touching and exciting from start to finish. Brunhoff is a pioneer of the picture book, but this time he also intersperses his narrative with a simple comic. Babar's stories can be read and viewed over and over and never cease to entertain their readers.