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Dagmar Urbánková 2012

Street circus

Street circus

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Author: Dagmar Urbánková
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2012

Enter the Street Circus, those who enter will not be fooled. A mixture of people, grimaces, hairstyles, hats, clothes, bags, handbags, fabrics, animals, boots, ladies, men, old men, fools, dudes, schoolgirls and many others. 64 images in more than 400 thousand ways. A new folding, flipping and coloring book by scenographer, artist and writer Dagmar Urbanková.

Circus Street was inspired by the playful concept of cut pages, which has been present in the history of books since the 19th century. The author is based on the observation of the types of people she normally meets, and portrays them with their hairstyles, clothes, accessories, animals, bags, shoes and pets. In addition to drawing, he primarily uses collages of colorful materials (paper, leaves, leather, dried flower petals, remnants of decorative materials). He opens the book with a poem in prose that evokes the atmosphere of a busy street, means of transport, the cacophonous pulse of the city. He tells the child how different and strange people he can meet. And a meeting awaits him in a thousand ways. Dagmar cut all the human types into four parts. Although they are anchored in the spine of the book, children can freely assemble all kinds of funny people in a thousand ways by flipping through the individual parts.

Street Circus is a beautiful art book, full of various small details, observations, liveliness and play. It is a book that is the complete opposite of the consumer goods that children are fed today. It is also a contemporary book: it reflects the street as the pulsating body of the city, and in the individual people actually composes a mosaic of today's world.

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