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Man and his symbols

Man and his symbols

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The richly illustrated book is the first and only work in which CG Jung explains to the lay reader his hugely influential theory of symbols, as they manifest themselves primarily in dreams. Jung himself became convinced that he had an obligation to explain his ideas even to uneducated readers, and therefore, at the age of 83, he compiled the concept of this book, including assignments for his collaborators. He completed work on his estate 10 days before his own death.

Running throughout the book is the belief that one can achieve fulfillment only through the knowledge and acceptance of aspects of the unconscious, which one recognizes through dreams and their symbols. Every dream is a direct form of communication with the dreamer, which uses symbols common to humanity, but always applied in a completely individual way. Among the co-authors we can find important students of Jung, such as Marie-Louise von Franz, Aniela Jaffé or Jolande Jacobi.

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