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Simona Čechová 2021

Francis from compost

Francis from compost

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Author: Simona Čechová
Publisher: Labyrinth
Language: Czech
Release year: 2021

In the compost at the end of the garden, under the eggshells and apple peels, there is a tiny creature - the Franciscan earthworm. And although he is a cheerful bunch by nature, he is troubled by the fact that, unlike his friends from the garden, he cannot do anything useful: an ant builds houses, a spider weaves webs, a bee pollinates flowers. Well, František, who just digs tunnels in the ground all day, feels useless. But is it really so?

Simona Čechova's new illustrated book brings, in addition to a story with a strong ecological message and instructions for preparing home compost, above all the realization that we all have our place on this earth. Even if we sometimes feel insignificant, like such a small, seemingly unnecessary earthworm.

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