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Daisy Mrakova 2015

Hello, Jack

Hello, Jack

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Author: Daisy Mrakova
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2015

I also conceived the intention of writing something non-pedagogical, something just like that. Something to make a person happy... And that's how the book Hello, Jácíčka began to be created... (DM)

The stories about the great friendship of a little bunny and a squirrel tell simply and clearly about the most ordinary, but at the same time the most powerful moments of childhood. About small moments when it suddenly becomes apparent that the world around is huge, terrible and beautiful, that thinking something is different from doing something, that when we love someone, everything is different and better, that there is no clear answer to some questions.. .The rabbit and the squirrel hop around the forest together, visit each other and experience little stories.

They look, they ask, they dig, they roam around, and in this way they unobtrusively guide the reader through the landscape of the first great philosophical questions: What am I and what are you? Can an idea change the world? What does it mean to like? What does it mean to think? Hello, Jácíčka can be placed alongside classic works of world modern literature without embarrassment: Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland or The Little Prince.

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