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Yves Gustin 2010

Illustrated beekeeping

Illustrated beekeeping

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Author: Yves Gustin
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2010

Illustrated beekeeping is a unique guide to the world of bees, which has long been missing in the Czech environment. Its author, Yves Gustin, guides the reader through the world of bees and beekeeping with humor and lightness (he uses comic book elements) and at the same time realistically. Here we will learn everything about bees and beekeeping: from the anatomy of the bee to the composition and transformation of the bee colony during the year or the mutual communication of the bees to the importance of pollination, feeding options or instructions on how to bottle honey, make mead or how to protect bees from diseases. The book is an inspiring read for everyone. Beginner beekeepers will be introduced to the basics of beekeeping in a comprehensible way, and even advanced beekeepers will find inspiration and interesting facts in the book. An indisputable advantage is the fact that the form of narration is accessible even to the youngest beekeepers. The book will be appreciated by a complete layman as well as a biology teacher. For the Czech edition, the book was expertly proofread and adapted to domestic practice and regulations. The author of the cover is Juraj Horváth.

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