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María Isabel Sánchez Vegar 2022

Little People, Big Dreams: JRR Tolkien

Little People, Big Dreams: JRR Tolkien

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Author: María Isabel Sánchez Vegar
Publisher: BRIO
Language: Czech
Release year: 2022

Get to know the lives of extraordinary personalities, from designers and artists to scientists. They have all achieved amazing success, even though they were just kids with a big dream in the beginning.

When little Ronald moved with his parents to a busy English city, he missed the countryside where he had grown up until then. Together with his best friends, he threw himself into inventing his own worlds, and was also fascinated by languages. As an adult, he continued to make up great stories for his children, stories full of elves, wizards… and hobbits. When he shared his fictional adventures with the world, they quickly became the stuff of legend. The final part of his life story is devoted to facts and photographs.

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