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Tanith Carey 2021

How does our teenager think?

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Autor: Tanith Carey
Nakladatelství: Vocabulary
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2021

Being a parent of a teenager is not easy. Due to changes in the brain and hormonal levels, your child suddenly has his own, so different, opinion on something, he gets into situations that are not always safe, he wants to become independent... And conflicts in the family are set in stone. A practical guide for parents of teenage children explains, based on the latest scientific knowledge of psychology and neurology, what are the reasons for the behavior of teenagers and how you should react to it - right now and from a distance. In more than a hundred common situations, you will see how to behave with your child: what to do when the bedroom door slams behind you, what to do if you are concerned about his safety in the online world, how to deal with peer pressure or the beginnings of his sex life. The book will help you take a deep breath and use various effective methods to immediately calm emotionally tense situations, as well as work with long-term strategies that can improve your relationships and help you cope with all the difficulties that life brings.