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Veronika Richterová, Michal Cihlář 2021

Japan in detail

Japan in detail

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Author: Veronika Richterová, Michal Cihlář
Publisher: Veronika Richterová and Michal Cihlář (self-published)
Language: Czech
Release year: 2021

Contemporary Japan recorded in the photographs and texts of two artists, sculptor Veronika Richterová and graphic artist Michal Cihlára. In 2017, at the time of cherry blossoms, they held their exhibitions in Tokyo and then traveled around Japan to experience the specific culture there with their own eyes. At the same time, they photographed everything with the intention of sharing their subjective impressions in their own extensive author's publication. They partly followed up on their previous photographic endeavors Cuba in detail , Cambodia in detail and Island-two Cuban diaries .

On their way through the attractive places of the island of Honshu and Shikoku, they notice not only the historical connections, but also the details of everyday life and Japanese phenomena, such as pachinko gambling establishments, mango bookstores, artificial foods, warning prohibition signs, colorful sewer covers, eccentric clothing, specific night life, the ubiquitous drink machines or even the frolicking of dogs in prams. There are surprisingly many differences in everyday life, and the book documents them richly, while not hiding the never-ending amazement of both authors.

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