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Karel Srp, Mariana Serranová, Krištof Kintera 2012

Kristof Kintera

Kristof Kintera

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Author: Karel Srp, Mariana Serranová, Krištof Kintera
Publisher: Arbor Vitae
Language: Czech, English
Release year: 2012

Krištof Kintera (1973) is an important artist, curator and member of the "Skrytá tvůrčí jednotka" (Hidden Creative Unit) group. His works, such as "Plumbař" (Plumber), "Mluviči" (Speakers), "Spotřebiče" (Appliances) or the recent suicide memorial "Z vlastního rozhodnutí – Memento mori" (By One's Own Decision - Memento Mori), are known for their ability to respond to contemporary social problems.

Kintera tirelessly tries to establish a dialogue with the everyday, to reveal the absurdity in seemingly self-evident situations and to explore the relationship between the obvious and the hidden. His works are compelling and urgent. The monograph, supplemented by Kintera's interview with Mariana Serrano and introduced by Karel Srp's study, summarizes the artist's work since the mid-1990s. From events in public space to a continuous reflection on the medium of sculpture, this publication presents Kintera's broad scope and his significant artwork.

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