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My First Home Book (Montessori: A World of Success)

My First Home Book (Montessori: A World of Success)

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A notebook about your home, the place where you live, will tell you a lot of things that will be useful for you and you will make your parents or grandmother or grandfather happy with them. These are everyday skills and mastering them will make you a handy helper around the house. Can you set the table correctly for the whole family?

Can you grow some plants on the balcony with the help of an adult? Can you sort the toys into the right boxes? And then you can play, color a colorful patterned carpet or build a tall tower of cubes. Sure, you can already dress yourself, but will you also help the children in the book? And you will definitely like one task in particular – you can stain the clothes in the pictures to your liking with finger paints, the stains will simply wash out if you put the clothes neatly sorted by color into the washing machine.

Fun, developing the right habits, skills and knowledge, this is another workbook designed according to the principles of Montessori pedagogy.

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