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Jockum Nordstrom 2015

Sailor & Pekka

Sailor & Pekka

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Author: Jockum Nordstrom
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2015

One morning the Sailor can't find a sweater for anything in the world, so he decides to go into town to buy a new one. His dog Pekka will of course accompany him. Along the way, they meet a sad clown who lost his trumpet, and Mrs. Jackson, and their car also breaks down... In town, they go to pick out a sweater, Pekka pops off to the hairdresser, and the Sailor for some new tattoos.

In a nutshell, this is the opening of the first part of "the most original children's book in the original sense of the word", as Juraj Horváth writes. "She's unwatched, unwatched — in which children's picture book do the heroes manage to go to mass and to the tattoo artist? Especially when one of them is a dog. And even though the author is from Stockholm, you're more like the south!"

Surprising and unconventional logic and artistic expression, the combination of drawing, collage and elements of comics, the real humanity of the three main characters - the cheerful and kind Sailor, the talking dog Pekka and the black woman Mrs. Jackson who sings in the gospel choir, and a completely uncondescending sense of humor, all this you will find in this very contemporary and at the same time "age-old" book for small (but definitely also big) readers.

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