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Petr Sís 2014

The Pilot and The Little Prince

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Autor: Petr Sís
Nakladatelství: Labyrinth
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2014

A book about loneliness, the search for beauty and the meaning of life.

Petr Sís tells the story of the legendary French aviator, adventurer and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–1944) with empathy, lightness and a feeling for the atmosphere of the time. An exceptionally elaborate pictorial biography follows the family background, childhood dreams, work for the airmail and the last flight over the Mediterranean Sea. It is a portrait of a man who enjoyed reading and writing right in the cockpit of an airplane, boldly pushing the boundaries of what was possible and at the same time remaining a big dreamer. Throughout his life, he kept a curious and playful child inside him - his Little Prince.