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Zdeněk Lukeš 2019

Prague Modern - Architectural City Guide 1850-2000

Prague Modern - Architectural City Guide 1850-2000

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Author: Zdeněk Lukeš
Publisher: Glade
Language: English
Release year: 2019

The best of the popular series of architectural guides Prague modern is published in one volume in English.

It captures two hundred important, famous and less well-known buildings as we normally don't have the opportunity to see them: without cars and from a level high above the sidewalk, while the black-and-white photos let the beautiful lines of the houses stand out. Gems from the era of art nouveau, modernism, functionalism or constructivism fit into one book.

Surprisingly, even the post-war years, the era of Stalinism or normalization enriched the face of the city with quite a few remarkable works, whether socialist realist, Brussels or brutalist. The photographs depict the current state of architecture in the historic center of Prague and in the ring of seventeen adjacent parts. There are clear maps with marked objects.

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