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Darian Leader 2020

Why can't we sleep?

Why can't we sleep?

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Author: Darian Leader
Publisher: Glade
Language: Czech
Release year: 2020

You certainly know the saying: "If you don't get enough sleep, you won't be any good tomorrow." A good sleep, which should be a sweet rest, has become a nightmare - if we do not achieve it, we will fail in our daily duties.

And so we roll over in our beds, count the hours, buy more and more sophisticated mattresses and swallow hypnotics, the global consumption of which is constantly increasing. British psychoanalyst Darian Leader's sympathetically unassuming, yet well-founded interpretation reveals that many of our demands for "healthy sleep" are civilizational myths.

It reveals how pharmaceuticals have affected the book market, what has happened to our sleep in modern times, how falling asleep really works and why we will never sleep the same again.

The author speaks not only to the quarter of the population that suffers from insomnia, but with his interpretation, full of references to pop culture, literature, movies, technology, advertising, politics and the media, he appeals to readers interested in how society and civilization change our minds and bodies.

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