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Jiří Franta, Ondřej Horák 2014

Why paintings don't need titles

Why paintings don't need titles

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Author: Jiří Franta, Ondřej Horák
Publisher: Labyrinth
Language: Czech
Release year: 2014

How many originals are there in the world, what did the black square change and why would someone steal a urinal? This visually playful book about modern art offers an answer to such and many other questions. For the first time, the publication presents the most significant period in the history of visual arts in an easy-to-understand and entertaining form that will interest both children and their parents. Young and old readers can learn the difference between a gallery and a museum or what an auction and a depository are. In the book, they will also find an exciting detective story in comic form and a pictorial index of famous artists and their works.

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