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Petr Sis 2011

Bird feast

Bird feast

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Author: Petr Sis
Publisher: Labyrinth
Language: Czech
Release year: 2011

The latest book by the internationally recognized creator for children and youth, artist, graphic designer and writer Petr Sís.

The Feast of the Birds is a symbolic story. Inspired by a Persian epic from the 12th century, the book tells the story of the wanderings of birds who decide to find their true king. At the head of the motley flock stands a wise hornbill, who does not deny to the others that the path to the mysterious mountain of Kaf will be far, full of obstacles and dangers. Faith and hope mingle with pain and uncertainty. By the time the birds have flown through the seven valleys - Search, Love, Understanding, Retreat, Oneness, Awe and Death - only thirty will remain. But the most persistent will eventually find their goal...

A story for young and old readers, a book for parents and their children.

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