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Jiří Dvořák 2012

Plant description

Plant description

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Author: Jiří Dvořák
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2012

This book is intended for all children who are not satisfied with a simple explanation and often ask their parents the question: why? Why do ants live on acacia, why does nettle sting, why does onion sting the eyes? Do flowers have to have roots in the ground? What was the first plant in the world to grow a mandarin without seeds and is it true that civets poop the most expensive coffee in the world? It's also a book that teachers can use when their children are bored during science class: nature is full of little adventures as well as exciting stories, puzzles and incredible mysteries. But it is also a family book: a puzzle or a verse book will be enough for small children, older ones will read into the story with a happy ending, and adults will wonder how much they didn't know.
Worksheets for Plant History in pdf are available here!

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