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The School of Life - How Modern Media Destroys Our Minds

The School of Life - How Modern Media Destroys Our Minds

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Publisher: The School of Life
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The School of Life

A reassuring guide to navigating the challenges of modern media and staying sane in a world that does not turn off.

We are so used to living in a media-saturated world that we do not notice just how much damage is being done to us daily by the images we see and the articles and posts we read. If you are often anxious or find it hard to sleep, or you regularly want to give up on your fellow human beings, the reason may come down to the relentless influence of the modern media.

How Modern Media Destroys Our Minds is The School of Life 's guide for navigating the media today. The book encourages the reader to consider the many peculiarities of the modern media: its excessive focus on scandal, its emphasis on novelty, its capacity to breed envy and self-hatred, its high-minded defense of itself, its ever shorter attention span and its obsession with fame.

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