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Miroslav Šašek 2019

That's the way to the moon

That's the way to the moon

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Author: Miroslav Šašek
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2019

Journey to the Moon: for some, the result of the efforts of hundreds of top engineers and scientists from many fields, for others, the best boy's game that can be invented... For Miroslav Šašek, it seems, both. Another of Miroslav Šašek's pictorial guides takes the reader to Florida, but actually much further. It shows human efforts to reach space. The author wanders around Cape Canaveral, the beaches, the town and the space center and finds rockets of all kinds - first paper ones, then real space ones. At the time when Miroslav Šašek wrote the book, the journey to the moon was still a dream, but its fulfillment was already within reach...

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