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Miroslav Šašek 2018

This is Ireland

This is Ireland

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Author: Miroslav Šašek
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2018

Ireland. On this island you will find all shades of green. And also the oldest whiskey distillery, a staircase built by a giant, elves and probably the largest concentration of pubs and four-leaf clovers in the world. At least that's how Miroslav Šašek saw it more than half a century ago.

In addition to world capitals — Paris, New York, London — Miroslav Šašek also portrayed countries. He was captivated by Ireland, and in his guide he captured not only the mountains and pastures, but also the cities and their inhabitants. In the book, views of medieval and contemporary Ireland are layered, but also fairy-tale and real.

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