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Olga Černá, Michaela Kukovičová 2015

This is Prague

This is Prague

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Author: Olga Černá, Michaela Kukovičová
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2015

Is Prague still beautiful, wonderful, charming? Haven't the feet of millions of tourists trampled on its charm, chasing the cobblestones from Prague Castle across Charles Bridge to Old Town Square and back again? Aren't ancient houses and beautiful squares just an empty shell filled with cheap trinkets?

Prague is a city of towers, hills, gardens, alleys, houses, pubs, secrets, stories, memories, people, animals and statues. Prague is a city on the river... See Prague with new eyes. It's still her, every house, every step, every square, every stone here has its own story. Walk around Prague with Míša Kukovičová and Olga Černá.

They will take you to Prague's bridges, islands, hills, observation towers, to parks and gardens, to the center and to the outskirts, you will learn how many bridges lead over the Vltava river, in which house the devil made a hole, what people grow on Libeň Island, where you can see from Žižkovská tower, where they have the best sandwiches, you will read a story about a guy who turned into a beetle, an ancient story about a Golem and a heroic story about Sir Winton, also about the assassination of Heydrich and how a great president shortened his trip around Prague Castle. Everywhere there is something to look at and wonder about... because everything is possible in Prague, but you will soon find out.

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