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Miroslav Šašek 2015

This is Venice

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Autor: Miroslav Šašek
Nakladatelství: Baobab
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2015

As usual, there is a summary of everything that is interesting. Saint Mark's Square, pigeons and Doge's Palace, sellers of coral and postcards. Here you have gondoliers, gondolas with wedding guests and a funeral on a gondola, here are the streets and canals of the city, here is a typical Venetian policeman... And here is the bucintoró, that is the boat that was put out to sea every year to celebrate the wedding of Venice with the sea. Eighty drawings, as always.

At the big city portraitist. František Tomáš's interview with Miroslav Šašek. Czech word, January 2, 1961.

A city where everything — from birth to the last journey — is somehow connected to the sea. A city where — with the exception of an ice cream cart — you won't see any bikes. A city where they have a canal instead of a main street and where street sweepers and buses with strange splashy names drive along the water: vaporetto, motoscafo... This is Venice. Venice, viewed with an attentive eye and captured by Miroslav Šašek's fine brush. Palaces, gondolas, bridges and pigeons as he saw them fifty years ago and as they look hundreds of years... and will continue to be until the sea decides otherwise.