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Bečková Kateřina 2021

Demolished: Defunct Prague buildings 1990-2020

Demolished: Defunct Prague buildings 1990-2020

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Author: Bečková Kateřina
Publisher: Glade
Language: Czech
Release year: 2021

Demolition has a rich history in Prague, and in the last thirty years alone, dozens of buildings have been demolished in the capital, some of them unsatisfactory, but others extremely valuable. The victims of the latest Prague demolitions were the Aulické Transgas in Vinohrady or the corner, so-called Kozák's, house on Wenceslas Square.

The publication deals with words and pictures of forty objects, the loss of which significantly damaged the heritage fund. Among the more famous ones, they include the transformation of the skyline of Prague's Hanspaulka after the destruction of the Praha Hotel, the aesthetic degradation of Klimentská Street after the demolition of Špaček's house, or the demolition of the unique oil heating plant on the Invalidovna housing estate. But the book also focuses on buildings, the end of which the big headlines did not record, such as the Na Třebešíně warehouse complex, the Ringhoffer, Walter, Lokomotivka, Pergamenka and Praga factories in Karlín. The rich visual equipment of the book includes archival and more recent material, taken before the buildings disappeared.
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