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Anna Potter, India Hobson 2023

Flower Philosophy: Seasonal Projects to Inspire & Restore

Flower Philosophy: Seasonal Projects to Inspire & Restore

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Autor: Anna Potter, India Hobson
Nakladatelství: White Lion
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2023

A celebration of season, Flower Philosophy presents a selection of beautiful arrangements designed to free readers from the pressures of perfection and instead encourage creative freedom, intuition and original results.

Flowers are not perfect, and flower arranging shouldn’t be either. Anna Potter, author of best-selling Flower Fix, teaches us how to listen and learn from nature to create something truly original with 25 combinations of stems and foliage. Free yourself from a prescriptive, one- size-fits-all approach and let each unique bloom inspire you with this refreshingly honest and liberating florist’s guide.

Arranged by season, Anna Potter guides you through the process of creating your own wreathes, bouquets and installations, all using flowers that can be bought, found and foraged from your neighbourhood.

Accompanied by stunning photography from India Hobson, this book provides the basic foundations to pick, choose and assemble with unlimited possibilities.

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