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The School of Life 2018

The School of Life - How To Get Married

The School of Life - How To Get Married

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Autor: The School of Life
Nakladatelství: The School of Life
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2018

The School of Life

How to Get Married, by The School of Life, offers a fresh perspective on the traditional wedding ceremony. It acknowledges that modern couples may feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of the typical wedding day and proposes new ways of preparing for the journey ahead.

The book provides practical guidance on everything from picking a venue to selecting vows and readings, offering a thoughtfully redesigned wedding ceremony that reflects contemporary sensibilities. It also addresses some of the thorniest issues that beset love, helping couples to prepare themselves psychologically for the challenges of married life.

With a focus on both the practical and psychological aspects of marriage, How to Get Married is a bold rethinking of one of humanity's most important and popular rituals, and a must-read for any modern couple seeking to navigate the complexities of love and commitment.

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