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Shinsuke Yoshitake 2022

Maybe it's an apple

Maybe it's an apple

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Author: Shinsuke Yoshitake
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2022

There is a beautiful apple on the table in the kitchen. Is it really an apple? the little boy asks when he comes home. Could it be something else? And what will it be? Why are some things different inside and others outside? What would happen to me, to my mother, to the world, if an apple was not an apple?
There are times when children bombard us with questions, some seem funny, some ridiculous, some unimportant. Children do not distinguish it and get carried away by their imaginations. Sometimes they ask because they are afraid, sometimes because they are stubborn or let their imagination run wild, but often with questions they look below the surface of the world of adults who have no time for questions. At the same time, every question can lead us to unexplored territories when we start thinking about it properly.
Why can't an apple be a house or a house like an apple, why should the visible world be the same as the invisible? The book Maybe It's an Apple by the Japanese cartoonist and author Shinsuke Yoshitake is funny and smart at the same time: like all curious children and philosophers.
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