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Dr. Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman 2022

Professor Astrocat: The Atomic Adventure

Professor Astrocat: The Atomic Adventure

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Author: Dr. Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman
Publisher: Labyrinth
Language: Czech
Release year: 2022

Wandering through the world of physics. Why is the sky blue? Where does the electricity come from? What makes the car go? Why can't I jump up to the roof? We can feel the wind, so… how come we can't see it? Turn your brains to peak performance and hold on tight as Professor Astrocat takes you on a journey into the incredible world of physics. You will get to know the energies, forces and building blocks, thanks to which not only we exist, but also the entire universe. The latest volume of the award-winning educational series for children and youth brings another epic picture encyclopedia packed with basic knowledge and interesting facts that will interest all inquisitive boys and girls.
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