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Oksana Bula 2018

The bear doesn't want to go to sleep

The bear doesn't want to go to sleep

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Author: Oksana Bula
Publisher: Guest
Language: Czech
Release year: 2018

What do animals do in winter when everything is covered in snow?

Maybe such a bear will sleep all winter. Wait, I don't want to go to sleep! What if I missed something wonderful?

Autumn is slowly coming to an end. Soon the Tukons come and put the bear to hibernate. They have already prepared a nice warm bed for him. But the bear meets a bison, who tells him what it's like in winter. Ah, it must be beautiful, the bear dreams. I would also like to get to know the snow and frost and experience the joys of winter. Will the toucans manage to talk disobedient bear into going to sleep?

For children from two years old.

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